Wahlburger's is coming, what is it?
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Wahlburgers is the only hamburger brand with
its own TV show

The Wahlbergs announced on social media -- rather than traditional media -- that the family will open a location in downtown Cincinnati

As you probably know by now, actor Mark Wahlberg announced on social media -- rather than traditional media -- that the family's upscale burger joint will eventually open at 6th and Main Street in downtown Cincinnati.

McDonald's doesn't have its own TV show. Neither does Burger King. Shake Shack doesn't have one either.

That leaves Wahlburgers as the only hamburger restaurant chain with its own TV show that you could describe as a program-length commercial for the brand.

This restaurant started as one outlet in Massachusetts. It is owned principally by Paul Wahlberg, who is one of nine siblings from Boston, notes Media Communications.

At least two of his brothers are partners in the business -- movie star Mark Wahlberg and TV star Donnie Wahlberg (he's in “Blue Bloods” on CBS).

Together, along with their mother and other family members who turn up from time to time, the three brothers are the stars of “Wahlburgers” on A&E.

It’s the eighth season since its premiere in January 2014 (according to Wikipedia). Later that same year, Wahlburgers opened a second restaurant, in Toronto. Today, the chain is in the midst of an expansion that reportedly will give it around 30 stores..

Locations include L.A., New York, Detroit, Atlanta and Savannah.