U.S. Grant tomb may be dismantled for political reasons
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NYC may dismantle
General Grant's Tomb

A New York city councilmember says the tomb of Clermont County-born U.S. Grant should be dismantled because he was 'anti-Semitic'

Union Commander U.S. Grant was born in Clermont County and was raised in nearby Georgetown OH

Clermont County-born and Civil War commander U.S. Grant may have to be reburied elsewhere if a New York City Council Speaker has her way.

The council speaker said General Grant's monmental burial spot (photo) is just one of several things New York City should consider for the dust heap of history as part of the mayor's 90 day review of monuments, statues, and other icons in the wake of the demonstrations by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A spokesperson said Speaker Melissa Viverito thinks Grant's Tomb should be on the review list, CBS News New York reports. Grant has been regarded by some as anti-Semitic.

"In 1862, he signed general order 11, expelling Jews from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi. I wonder if you think that given the large number of Jewish, he should be buried in New York City," CBS2's Kramer asked the mayor.

"We don't tolerate anti-Semitism in New York City," the New York mayor said. "We have to look at each one of these cases. We’ll have a commission. They’ll come up with some universal rules."

The real question for the mayor as he hunts for political correctness is how far to go.

After the Civil War, Grant was elected president of the United States in 1868 and served for two terms.