Cincinnati streetcar far below expectations
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Cincinnati streetcar far
below expectations

As the Cincinnati Bell Connector approaches one year on the streets of Cincinnati, here's how it's performed - and what lies ahead.

Ridership never quite reached the high expectations made before the tracks were laid, Gannett Media notes.

Now the projections are about half of what was initially expected. But the streetcar has not sucked up city revenues, as some feared.

Within a couple weeks of its launch, it was clear the initial projections made by consultants for the city were wishful thinking. In 2011, consultants estimated the streetcar would see 3,200 rides each day. Last fall, those projections were lowered to 2,800 a day, the Cincinnati newspaper notes.

The most recent projections from SORTA run from July 2017 to June 2018 and estimate a total ridership of 609,300 or an average of 1,693 per day.

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