Rozzis Not Saying What's New This Year For Riverfest
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Rozzi's not saying what's new this year for Riverfest

On Thursday afternoon Joe Rozzi and his crew were trying to beat the rain as they put 7,000-8,000 fireworks shells into very specific spaces aboard a hidden barge.

He holds pages and pages of information to make sure each explosive will go off at the right time for Sunday night's thirty minute show.

"There's 25-30 books each for an individual location and as long as you follow that script it keeps you on track," Joe told public radio station WVXU.

Vice President Michael Lutz says it amounts to setting up a computer network with hundreds of digital files.

Farther down the sandy barge Ed Manning is wiring shells that make a flash and create a loud noise. "It's a titanium salute. What they are is basically a crowd pleaser because when people hear them go off everybody gets really loud." He says you also hear them at the end of the show.

The fireworks culminate a day full of musical entertainment that begins at noon at Sawyer Point on Sunday.

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