Irma coming, but it will be a tropical depression here
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Irma shifts west; northern
path remains uncertain

UPDATE: The 5 pm update on Friday now has the Hurricane moving up the west coast of Florida, whether than the east coast. Later moving west toward Nashville TN. Take a look for yourself >

Remains of Hurricane Irma may visit Tri-State area

THURSDAY EVENING: Massive Hurricane Irma may reach the Tri-State area on Tuesday but will be a tropical depression by the time it gets here.

Several models have Irma heading for Kentucky first and then Ohio as you can see in the prediction graphic. The red line in the graphic indicates the most likely path at this point.

Right now, there really isn't much information available on the exact time, wind speeds and rain amounts once Irma reaches here, with most of the concern on Florida at the time of this brief post.

And of course, the storm's path could shift farther east or west as Irma travels north. (Posted Thursday, September 7, 7:22 pm)